Good day, fellow photogs!

Currently, I'm in the market for a new (and first) book on photography, rather than a camera or photography accessories.

Borders is having a 30% discount on all their books only for today (which is essentially over) and tomorrow, and I'm thinking about picking up something to educate myself on the hobby.

I think the theory and technical side of things is settled, and I have a decent handle on the terminology and control of the camera. But I seem to have hit a big wall when it comes to creativity, composition and subjects. So what I am really after is an advanced photography instruction book that will show me how to add an 'omph' to my photos and produce things that will really wow the jump-start the creativity vehicle and teach the eye how to see. And I'm hoping that this book won't be purely on Adobe Photoshop.

Firstly, would you recommend that I save the money and just continue to shoot till kingdom comes till I enter 'the zone' and start producing good pictures?

If you feel that I should indeed pursue a good photography book, then what in your opinion are useful books that I should look for (either in the library or in a bookshop)?

Thank you for your help.