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Thread: Hands on with Fujifilm X100T

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    Default Hands on with Fujifilm X100T

    Wouldn’t it be nice to head out to the streets with a compact rangefinder styled, retro looking camera? Packed in a decent APS-C sensor coupled with a fast 35mm lens and all your imagination captured through the brightness and clarity of an optical viewfinder?

    Well, that was photokina 2010 when Fujifilm announced the FinePix X100! Now, four years on and Two versionS later, let’s see what the latest incarnation of the ultimate street shooter X100T has to offer!

    Looks wise, its unchanged. It’s the same X-Trans sensor, same EXR II processor and same fujinon EBC lens there too, not exactly exciting stuff but if it’s not broken, why fix it? As it is, its already a great lens + sensor combination that produces beautiful images.

    So what is uniquely X100 that you don’t find on any other compact cameras? Its the hybrid Viewfinder.

    Those of you using the X100/S will be familiar, a quick toggle of the viewfinder selector on the front will alternate between the electronic viewfinder and the optical viewfinder with the overlay of 35mm frameline. Typically, I like to see, and shoot in the OVF mode though I’ve had my fair share of over-exposed pictures. On the other end of the spectrum, I know I’ll nail each and every exposure when shooting with the EVF but then somehow, lose that Leica-ish rangefinder shooting experience.

    Just when you thought you can’t have the best of both worlds, how smart of Fuji to come up with the new X100T that features an advance hybrid viewfinder!

    A quick push of the VF selector toggle to the right alternates the OVF and the EVF. When in the OVF mode, a quick toggle of the VF selector to the left will bring up a tiny box overlay showing the focus point area. Needing just a quick glance to confirm the correct exposure and focus accuracy before clicking the shutter – brilliant idea really!

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    I had a look at Fuji's website and here's a quick compilation on the X100 series cameras

    Along with the new X100T, Fujifilm made several other improvements to the camera, including additional ±1EV exposure compensation, increased OVF coverage to 92%, increased shutter speed, newly incorporated interval shooting, improved battery usage, a slightly bigger 3-inch with higher res LCD screen, changes to the button configuration on the back of the camera, wifi & instax connectivity etc

    All these supposedly miniscule changes taken in altogether, and with that of the trusted sensor, processor and fujinon lens, I think we have a clear winner here!

    Oh, did I also mention the faster AF and the classic chrome film simulation on the X100T?

    Picture taken this morning, OOC JPeg in Fujifilm's Classic Chrome - F2.0 - 1/1100sec - iso200
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    Default Re: Hands on with Fujifilm X100T

    Not going to make any technical analysis with histograms and what not, just looking at the pics below, you should be able to get a feel of how the various film simulation modes will add to your final image

    Saint George's Church, Tanglin - Tripod assisted - F8.0 - 1/90 sec - iso-200

    1. Provia / Standard - Ideal for a wide range of subjects

    2. Velvia / Vivid - Vibrant reproduction, ideal for landscape and nature

    3. Astia / Soft - Softer color and contrast for a more subdued look

    4. Classic Chrome - Soft color and enhanced shadow contrast for a calm look


    5. PRO Neg. Hi - Ideal for portrait with slightly enhanced contrast

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    Default Re: Hands on with Fujifilm X100T

    Next up, some B/W street snaps from little India yesterday

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    Default Re: Hands on with Fujifilm X100T

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    Default Re: Hands on with Fujifilm X100T

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    Default Re: Hands on with Fujifilm X100T

    Now that I’ve shot with the X100T for a few days, thanks to Fujifilm’s T-Loan arrangement with Clubsnap, going back to shooting with my X100S will definitely not feel the same anymore, won’t be long too before I start yearning for the advance hybrid viewfinder of the X100T… my only bugbear, the on/off switch that turns on too easily from the faintest of pressure when keeping the camera inside the bag!

    Anyway, hope you like this brief review and here's one for the road before returning the camera to Fujifilm...X100T decked out in vintage red A&A

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    Nice sharing

    Using the X100S here and haha, fighting the urge to stick to it and patiently wait for the firmware update.

    For current X100 users , the X100T is really the one to get , having tried the X100T too, it really feels like Fujifilm has finally gotten everything (yeap, down to the redesigned buttons) right in this third iteration.


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