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    Hi everyone here,

    Would like to know how you all here going about doing montage for the photos using ps? By looking at the gallery, many of you are expert in this. It seemS that they are very well done, neat and clean. If possible, can it be share over here. Thanks in advance.

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    sorry for me asking as i am still learning .. what is montage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by S11loop
    sorry for me asking as i am still learning .. what is montage?
    the first pic u had created on yr thread for the autotrail babes..that is an example of a montage
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    Hi, I'm a newbie here oso
    I think working as freelance graphic designer gave me some good knowledge about photoshop.

    The easiest way to collage photo together is to draw alot of square filled with colours.
    there's the rectangle tool for doing that, once u see the marching ants... u can click Alt +backspace (this filled the box u dragged out with foreground color set at tool bar)
    then duplicate another layer by Ctrl + J, do the same thing over again.

    then u can jus drag photo in and arrange the photo to be above the box u want in to appear, u can group the photo into the box, which bound the photo to the size of the box. (ctrl + G for group) if the photo is too big, use transform to shrink of simply pressed ctrl + T to resize it accordingly.

    Hope that helps


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