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Lara Lydia Croft

This outfit & her pleated hair looks like a character isn't it ?

Yes Lara Croft.
Recent Sun sexy fashion shoot was rather simple.
This coming Sun, we shall add some firepower props.
If shooters exceed 6, we had standby another model equally stunning & beautiful.
Let's hope the list grows, and you will see how both head-on with each other

DATE: 26th OCT 2014 [SUN]

TIME: 1600hrs - 1830hrs

Slots Ratio > max. 6:1 or 12:2

Cost: $60/- per pax

Do our Shutterboxclub Facebook Page. You make it happen, we make it work ! Thank you.

To join/register/reserve slot, kindly pls whatsapp/sms to
i) GERALD @ 9337 7253
ii) JASON @ 9363 7793