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Thread: Newbie: Some shots with my CP5700

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    Default Newbie: Some shots with my CP5700

    Appreciate if you all can give some comments on the following photos...


    Golden Puffies

    This one was shot using my gf's A80

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    Default Re: Newbie: Some shots with my CP5700

    sorry, doesn't work for me.
    first 2 pics seems to lack of direction (i don't know how to put it).
    First one seems to be just a ball of redness. (it could be my office screen)
    Second one maybe you could have taken a wider shot and call it "golden sea"
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    Default Re: Newbie: Some shots with my CP5700

    Hmm colours a bit too contrasty and hi on the red/orange side, perhaps reducing them a bit more would be good.

    I've the 5700, it can do a lot better, keep shooting!

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    Default Re: Newbie: Some shots with my CP5700

    #1: probably white balance not correct, too much red and underexposed. see if you're able to rescue by post-processing it.
    #2: slightly underexposed, guessed you must have taken the shot in a confectionary/bakery. otherwise, you can put some artificial glow to make it look more appetizing.
    #3: looks okay but i think it would look much better if the glow is much bigger. more impact and will give a mystery of what's there, but i can see the corridor and light is coming in from a window.
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    Thank you ptwong, espn and Drudkh. Appreciate your comments.

    Drudkh: How do I go abt post-processing it to make it look better.

    Anyway, I was just playing around with the exposure and aperture. Have not reach into WB (I set it to Auto) and other settings. I'm learning bit by bit. Self-learning all thru forum and some websites.

    Btw, all the photos above didn't go thru any post-processing with PS. I only resize for web purposes. Not too familiar with PS, only certain functions. Learning into PS too...

    Learn a great deal from the forumers here. Thanks.
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