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Thread: on Bulk film and bulk loading....

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    Originally posted by ninelives
    Canon D30 that bad meh ?? So many people dream and make a lot of noise about DSLR. While some people sold the DSLR away.

    Perhaps you can write an article about Digital vs Film since you experienced both. (yeah , another flame bait)'s not bad. in fact, i have to admit i regretted selling it. probably one of my stupidest mistake.....

    though it sat essentially unused for a while after i got the M6, i have a serious emotional attachment to it which if i had realised earlier, i probably wouldn't have sold it. this was the camera with which i had taken some of my personal best shots, and went through many memorable times with, including a trip overseas.


    on the other hand, i'm having an absolute blast of a time with the M6 - it's so different in operation and though the learning curve is steep, i'm enjoying every moment of it. and on the street, it positively shines.

    btw my stand on the issue of film vs digital hasn't changed.
    that's why i will be saving towards a 1Ds (or similar) full frame digital for my SLR needs. (yes the rangefinder and the SLR has different uses, and are not mutually exclusive)

    i will be happy with an M6 that has the sensor of the D30. dun even mind if there's no LCD
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    can I ask a newbie qn? just what in the world is this bulk rolled film all about? I take it to mean you buy a can of film then manually cut out lengths of 36exp then spool it into used film catridges? what's the savings like as compared to normal roll film?

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