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    first time posting in this section. don't really know where else to post. :P


    thanks for viewing

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    The tilted horizon makes the framing look out of proportion. Photo is underexposed and too grainy. Ease up on the ISO and use a tripod with a longer exposure. The theme works but the words should take second place to the photo. The words supports the photo and not the other way round. Font should be smaller.

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    actually i feel that the city area is over exposed. till you cannot make out any details. and the foreground is underexposed till no details can be seen.

    i would recommend that a dim fill flash be used to get light into the froeground while exposing the background correctly.

    btw what is in the foreground? and how does it relate to the poem?

    I would recommend that the foreground have a element that leads the eye to go to the "city of light".


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    don't like the distorted perspective.
    But the people at the bottom is a nice touch, though a bit dark on my non calibrated monitor.

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    something quite beautiful about it
    hate the combination of it with the poem, I'm sure it'll work better without the poem to tell the viewer what to think
    what's your intention with this photo? or what do you like about the photo?

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    thanks all for replying. The idea is to show the pple with handphone/Digi cams/ligth sticks gathering around the reclaimed area,..which is a group of pple of lights, against the huge city of lights in the background, whether these pple are heading towards it? are they lost w/o direction? its up for interpretation. shot is shown as taken with contrast pumped up..thats it. I could have made the city properly exposed, and the contrast up for the people (using PS/layers), but i wanted to potray the blown lights of the city to highlight/contrast the pple with their lights.

    original title is just city of lights, but sent to friends, none interpreted the way i did,some say too dark, why include pple in foreground, hence the try to portray what i thought. And when i wrote the poem, i did think of the size of the poem vs the size of the picture, couldn't make up my mind, hence made them similar.
    but now realise this a photog forum, not literature poem shld be smaller?


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