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    For your constructive critiques and comments.


    PS: This photo is meant to be more of an abstract piece. Thus no story or whatsoever behind it. Hope it helps in viewing the photo.

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    Do you mind posting your camera settings?

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    This was shot on a D2H, f/13, 1/250s on RAW format. Btw, this place is not in Singapore.

    Thanks for looking.


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    I like the graphic lines. But I find the overall color a little flat.

    I would have like to give a little "fill-flash" to the leaves to give it a little more "life". Perhaps it can be done in PS?

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    the composition doesn't work for me. the empty space on the left doesn't communicate with the subject. the subjects seems to be avoiding the empty space (which is the blue sky) due to the angle of tilt.

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    I quite like the picture, simple but nice. Perhap the green plant can be made brighter.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the constructive inputs. Too bad, I'm not a PS guy. So can't really enhance the image as suggested in PS. It's also not my style to do too much PS.

    I'll try to get the image right (technically)in the first place if such photo opportunities arise in the future.

    Thanks for viewing.



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