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Thread: Redshark: We may have solved the mystery of why film just looks better

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    Default Redshark: We may have solved the mystery of why film just looks better

    The article says:

    "It just won’t go away, will it? However much you can prove with specifications that digital video is indisputably better than film, there’s a stubborn feeling that there’s more to it than the simple-to-prove facts. We think we've indentified one, subtle, process that helps film to store more visible information than digital.

    Recently we asked for reader’s opinions on this, and we had a good response, although much of it was rather predictable. Some said that we shouldn’t be comparing the two at all. Some said that whatever anyone wants to believe, that film will always be better - even going on to say that something is “lost” when we digitise things.
    All of which may be true. But I think we’ve at last stumbled on something that might be tangible. It’s to do with the fundamental difference between film and digital.

    It’s fairly easy to explain, but not that easy. And remember - this is just our theory: we're not going to be dogmatic about this and if anyone can prove us wrong, that's fine with us."

    And read on if still interested:
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