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Thread: "Raw-ness" of a manual film SLR ?

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    Default "Raw-ness" of a manual film SLR ?

    used a manual film SLR during both fireworks shoots and compared to using a DSLR
    somehow i feel the very raw and solid feel of a manual film when it comes to fireworks and long exposure shots though there is NR for DSLRs

    however i do like the feel and speed of a DSLR when it comes to taking other pics.

    weird feeling/

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    of course solid la, with every shot fired, there is bound to be more thought put into it than if you were using a digital where you have a tendency to fire away like nobody's business.

    everytime i fire a shot off my SLR, i dun hear the solid shutter sound, i hear "ka-ching!"

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    i mean i am comparing between a Dslr and a manual slr

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    go revise your comprehension skills and then read my post again.


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