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Thread: POSB baby photo contest

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    Default POSB baby photo contest

    submit ur child’s cutest photo with an interesting caption and #POSBBabyBonus on the and stand a chance to win $5000 credited into ur child’s CDA account
    based on creativity, not likes/votes ends 31 oct

    edit - added tncs:
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    Reminder to TS:

    Dear Contest Organizers and also those posting news of contests,

    Please note that FULL Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) must be openly disclosed/put up in the first post of your thread, or a direct link to the FULL T&Cs need to right up front in your first post. This also affects those posting news about contests.

    Any non-complying thread will be removed without notice till such information is provided and may or may not be re-instated. If members have to 'dig' for the T&Cs, your thread WILL be removed. Also, please do not spam this, or other sections if you find your thread gone. This might result in infractions or deregistration without notice. Please write-in to the relevant moderators instead.

    This takes immediate effect.

    Thank you for your kind co-operation.

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    Default Re: POSB baby photo contest

    oops sorry, updated with tnc link

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    Quote Originally Posted by syaobai View Post
    oops sorry, updated with tnc link


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