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Thread: Turkey Trip - Need advices

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    Default Turkey Trip - Need advices

    I am comtemplating a trip to Turkey.

    1) Is May a good time? If not, which would be a better time of the year to go?
    2) Places that is highly recommended to pay a visit (scenic, architecture, cultural etc).
    3) Places to avoid (if any).

    Thank you so much!

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    During thanksgiving...


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    Guess you posted in the wrong forum..I heard sep/oct is a good period to go..i went there last Dec..quite cold and wet..some must go would be istanbul with the blue mosque and hagia sofia, topkapi palace etc...bosphorus cruise is a must..the bazars esp spice bazar is a must..then head up to efes to view the ruins of ephesus, and you could prob try to plan a visit to the seven churches..cappadocia is a must..but i missed it when i was there..heard that pammukale is great too..theres many many places places to go in turkey..just borrow the dk guides from to see guide book with pictures..and choose to go the places where pictures are nice..
    Places to avoid..dark lanes and streets esp in Istanbul where touts (some quite agrresive) are aplenty..

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