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Thread: Sony DSC-P9 capture with other softwares

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    Question Sony DSC-P9 capture with other softwares

    Hi there,

    I've got a DSC-P9 digital camera, until now I have been using the default software from SONY i.e. the usb driver and the PIXELA ImageMixer Ver.1.0.

    I would like to use another software to capture the images however up till now, i am still unable to figure it out.

    The software I plan to use is Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

    When I tried to access the Import function - there are only three choices 1. Import from PDF, 2. Frame from Video and 3. WIA support, but in no way can I access my digital camera.

    Please kindly advise.


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    Sony is using the USB Mass Storage Systems driver, so when you plug in your camera, it will appear as a removable disk drive that will show up in your windows explorer. You can then browse that drive and copy the image files from it to anyway you like, and use any program you like to open those image files.

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    Thanks for that!..Appreciate it


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