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Thread: Words of Wisdoms, from Great Masters

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    Default Interacting can be powerful

    Interacting for Growth

    The community we are interacting with are always a mirror,
    reflecting our own beliefs, and more often than not we are
    slowly reflecting their beliefs.

    Therefore healthy interacting with one another is one of the
    most powerful tools for learning and wisdom growth.

    Finally if we ever look carefully and honestly at our
    interacting we can see so much about
    how we have created or wasted them.

    Every man can dips his lenses in his own soul, and captures his
    own nature into his pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sion
    Okay. Let's settle this by calling Pro Image "Master Mentor" and Venom 81 "Senior Master" and the rest are just "Masters".
    you forgot the Prime Master - Ken Rockwell.

    you can buy better gear but you can't buy a better eye

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    an old photographer once told me,
    " Never discount a newbie, you never know what they can teach you. "
    I've since learn a thing or two from some newbies.
    I get paid more shooting part time ...... damn, I should find more time to shoot part time

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