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    Hey, can any of you can guide me through doing astro photography on milky way? Cause i'm really interested in learning it and where's the best place i could go and photoshoot it?

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    Check out night photography here:

    There will be links from some CS members on external websites on the subject

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    Also the best way is to join some outings and get first hand experience with the genre.
    I am not a photographer, just someone who happened to have a couple of cameras.
    My lousy shots

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    1) Find a very secluded place where light pollution is minimal, very preferably where there is no moon.

    2) Check if the sky is clear; where u can see quite alot of stars.

    3) Use phone apps (like planets, etc) to check where is the milky way.

    4) if possible, use widest lens/ aperture as possible to capture the complete milky way. Bump ISO where necessary. Noise is inevitable unfortunately unless you're into full-frame pro. std. camera.

    That should cover the very basic thing for getting milky way. As you progress, you can challenge yourself to shoot milky way in the city area, provided you're well in post-processing.
    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewissac View Post
    3) Use phone apps (like planets, etc) to check where is the milky way.
    If it's pitch dark then the milky way is very obvious

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    True, you can see milky way quite clear if it very very dark. I recommend use apps because somehow in Singapore, light pollution is still an issue. Perhaps I couldn't find a very remote place with pitch darkness.


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