Jeff Witchel

Imagine a panel that is so powerful it can control everything about the appearance of a selected object. That’s exactly what the Appearance panel can do for you in Adobe Illustrator.

This powerhouse panel is designed to help you create the exact look you want for an object in the most efficient way possible. So whether you want to change the basic appearance of an object, such as the color and weight of a stroke, or the color of a fill, or add effects and transparency to the various parts of an object, the Appearance panel is the one place to simply do it all. 
The Appearance panel is almost like a Layers panel for everything that makes up the look of a selected object. It’s the only place you can create multiple strokes and fills within an single object and then move these “object parts” up or down in the stacking order of that object. And like the Layers panel, you can hide or show any part of the stacking order by clicking a visibility eye next to its listing. You can also apply Illustrator Effects to each of the various parts of an object and use the panel to determine the order in which these Effects will be applied.
Also, because everything you can accomplish in the Appearance panel is non-destructive, you have the flexibility to quickly and easily experiment with different looks opening up the whole design process to more creativity.
In the following video tutorial, you will learn all the basics of the Appearance panel along with a lot of advanced techniques, tips, tricks, and secrets. You’ll even see how to accomplish the impossible using this amazingly powerful panel.

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