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Thread: If you encounter sluggish response on CS2

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    Default If you encounter sluggish response on CS2

    I just installed CS2 and found that it was so much more sluggish than previous versions. The mouse cursor lags and when I click and drag on a slider in any adjustment it does not respond until like half a second later. To make it worse if an operation has not completed and I click on any menu buttons the items are all greyed out and does not reappear even after the operation has completed unless I release the menu and click on it again.

    I thought I have made the biggest mistake on purchasing CS2 until I came across this website:

    And the post by Ian Dunster (sounds like he works for Adobe):

    Ian Dunster | May 25, 2005 07:02 AM

    There have been quite a few reports of Photoshop CS2 slow re-drawing and slugishness issues on some systems. Apparently it's because of some graphics cards drivers not implementing the 2D APIs properly. The problem is most obvious as a slow or stuttering movement of the cursor when the 'Info' pallete is selected and the CPU usage sometimes reaching %100.

    You should be able to get CS2 to perform as good as or better than CS by reducing the acceleration of your graphics card slightly. Close Photoshop CS2 and then (for Windows XP Pro - may be a slightly different way to access the settings for other versions of Windows) right-click on the Desktop. Select 'Properties' and then the 'Settings' tab. Select 'Advanced' and then 'Troubleshoot' and reduce the 'Hardware acceleration' slider-setting by one notch. Then answer 'OK' to close the panels.

    (Desktop>Properties>Settings>Advanced>Troubleshoot >Hardware acceleration)

    Now try opening Photoshop CS2.

    Hopefully the problem will be fixed properly when the graphics card manufacturers release new drivers.

    I tried that and now CS2 runs smoothly on my system. My hardware acceleration slider was initially set to maximum and I turned in down onew notch as recommended. Not sure if there are any other effects when I run other applications but so far I am happy with this fix.

    Posting here just in case you are facing the same problem.

    - Roy
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    kekek someone else already posted this up sometime ago (last week or last 2 week) but it's a good reminder
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