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Thread: Is There Anything Wrong With My Being A Chinese?

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    Default Live without hate amongst those who hate

    Have you find it appreciative when someone expresses himself?
    Whether the words used are good to the ear or not as long as it
    is not in the amount of slandering of an individual. For...

    Life is art.
    The whole life of man is Self-Expression.
    The individual is an expression of God.
    We suffer if we do not express ourselves.

    But when you allow anger to climb into your body you will never be free from evil:

    "Having imbibed the essence of solitude and the essence of
    tranquillity, and imbibing the joyous essence of righteousness, one
    becomes free from anguish and free from evil."

    For being a part of a soul and a living person here are two ways one can take some hints:

    Let us live happily, without hate amongst those who hate. Let us
    dwell unhating amidst hateful men.

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    Thanks again guys. I feel much better already. Actually I should've not reacted like that i guess.

    To Louis and Melvyn, yeah, my daughter is getting cuter every day. I don't blame anyone if he/she envy that

    To dondeys, actually I met most of the guys replied in this thread Really enjoyed all the outings I ever had with you guys. Hope we could do so again sometimes.

    Nicely said forward.


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    Okay guys. I'm gonna close this thread. Let's stop talking about this and move on.


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