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Thread: Going to Dublin... advice needed...

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    Default Going to Dublin... advice needed...

    Hey guys... I am planning to go to dublin for a weekend trip next week.... Was hoping that some of you guys that have been there (either for tours or to study) could help me out a bit.

    Where are some of the "must-go" places in dublin?

    Are there any nice photog areas?

    I heard that the Scenery within Ireland is very good and that I should join some tours that bring you outside of Dublin... Any recommendations on places outside dublin that I should visit? maybe day trips etc?

    Food is of course an impt part... so any recommendations?

    Pls PM or post here thank you!

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    no one has been there? Really need some help here... Thanks...

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    Default Re: Going to Dublin... advice needed...

    Hi there,

    Are u back from Dublin,Ireland?

    Any experience to share? Thanks


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