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    I have 2 - 3 weeks in korea this dec, like to ask for some advice.

    would like to find out if there are any nice photographic places in korea during winter time?
    I think korea gets quite a bit of snowfalls during winter, would love to see some nice snow scape if possible.

    if we are not going to do any sking, is it still worth visiting or staying in one of the ski resort?

    and lastly, we are looking for some nice and relax place to just stay over for a few days doing nothing but lazing around, anyone have any nice place to recommend in the country side?

    thanks in advance

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    I went to korea in 2013 with company and stayed in the High1 Ski Resort for 1 night. I think if you are there for just photography, it's still worth the money. The view is amazing, come to think of it, I didn't have a camera back then, super sad... There you can catch a lot of skaters in action even you don't ski. But in case you wanna try (something like a 1st time learning class), it will be a great experience! I enjoyed mine, and if it wasn't because of raining, I would have ski there until the day is dark!! 1 thing though, if it's sunny day, please bring ND filters with higher stop. I could barely open my eyes when the sun came out, the snow became soooooo "blinding white" LOL

    For normal snow scenery, the first place came into my mind is Nami Island. It's a beautiful place, especially with snow. Try put it into your itinerary, you won't regret it.

    As for your last question, maybe you can try the Petite France?? I only saw it in Running Man LOL Never been there myself. Another one is Provence Village, I saw it from someone's blog, and it's really beautiful!

    I hope I manage to help here. Wish you have a great trip!!

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    that is definatly helpful.
    nami island is definatly one of the place i will be visiting.
    Provence Village seems pretty interesting too.
    anyone has any other suggestion? looking for places that is not so touristy

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    Mt Serok (not sure if my spelling is correct!) looks really gorgeous in winter too. Even if you are not planning on skiing, consider visiting one of the hot springs in the area...

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    Interesting thread..

    May I know how to protect your cameras during skiing? or to keep it in the camera bag when not in used?

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    carry a backpack with you and keep the camera in the bag when skiing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lancelot365 View Post
    carry a backpack with you and keep the camera in the bag when skiing.


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