View Poll Results: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

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  • Too bulky

    352 53.50%
  • Quality is not good enough

    74 11.25%
  • Presence of Focal Length Multiplier

    88 13.37%
  • Can't do video

    95 14.44%
  • Relatively low continuous shooting speed

    19 2.89%
  • Don't want the hassle of postprocessing

    93 14.13%
  • Storage media issues

    52 7.90%
  • Battery issues

    49 7.45%
  • Others

    185 28.12%
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Thread: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?


    The only reason I don't want a DSLR is when I can't fit one in my pocket

    If I am going out to a party or going to visit friends with kids, I will want to take a few happy snaps, but I don't want to kill the feeling by bringing out a monster.

    So, for me, sometimes I do not want a DSLR, I want a good/small P&S.

    As for a SLR instead of a DSLR ... I am not that tallented.

    Time, is an effortless construction :)

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Why I do not want a DSLR?

    - The noise is too low at high ISO, need post processing to have a grainy effect, too troublesome and time consuming.
    - Too much details captured, bad for portrait, ladies might not like it.
    - Able to shoot RAW at decent speed which gives you greater tolerance, bad for learning.
    - Less people own it compared to compact digital, others might mistaken you as snobbish and unconforming.
    - Allows you to use extreme perspective lenses such as ultra wide angle, resulting in a weird looking image with unrealistic and exagerated distance between objects.
    - Allows you to use extreme telephoto and shoot bird without scaring them away, animals need privacy too, how unkind it is to shoot them especially when they are naked?
    - Allows you to use tilt and shift lenses to achieve some desired effect, you might be accused of competing unfairly.
    - If you are a professional, it gives customer the feeling that you use good equipments and produces quality photographs (not necessarily artistic wise but at least technically), thus giving the impression you give is you charge a lot.
    - Most still uses archaic storage media such as CF card, what a shame. Long life to xD card and memory stick!

    That's all I can think of right now, this crap shouldn't been invented in the first place.
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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Why do not want a DSLR?

    1. Because I don't want people to think I am a PRO!
    "wah, big camera....he must be a professional"

    2. Because in rural areas people will think I am reporter taking their village photos!
    "REPORTER COMING!!!! Taking photos of our village!"

    3. Because I am afraid illegal hawkers or street vendors will wack me up!
    "Idiot! That guy trying to capture us on photo as proof!"

    4. Because ladies will think I am trying to snap their pretty face or figure.
    "His camera is facing my direction, must be aiming at me!"

    5. Because some will think I am stupid!
    "Why must he aim thru that hole instead of the screen!"
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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Wah, such an old post still surviving...

    Compact cams are improving so much. There are many instances where a compact can easily produce good quality images on par with DSLRs. I'm talking about easy general shots, low ISO, and if u don't need ultra wide perspective or do heavy cropping, etc.

    Printing a 4R or 8R shot from a good compact can sometimes match that from a >$2000+ DSLR. Imagine, a tiny 28-105mm glass in the compact digicam compared to a bulky, much heavier lens in a DSLR... Times like this when I feel why the heck do I want to use a DSLR?!

    Of course, if u are doing sports, shoot in extreme low light, etc, it's a diff story.

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    These are my main concerns: DSLR can get a little obsolete like computers over time; depreciating very quickly. Can't be repaired once there's no spare parts.

    A cheaper compact digicam is good enough if we don't need the extra speed.
    I am still using my Powershot G1 with external 420EX flash from about 6 yrs ago. Still gave me decent results. If this one spoils, I will get another used one from Buy/Sell.

    Lately, I am trying to appreciate vintage cameras and darkroom processing before all these become extinct or exceedingly expensive.

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    DSLR are nice to have but the memories are more important. Years down the line, it's not the great pictures that evokes the best memories but it's the 'moment' that's more important. Spending thousands of dollars on a system is great for your ego but opportunity cost wise, I can think of many more wonderful things I can do with the money. e.g spending 2k on a lens - you can probably take your family on a holiday.
    Shahrul Esa

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    for me the DSLR is a tad too obvious if i want to capture candids.

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    When u already got an M8


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    Talking Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Main reason is it can't do video.

    If you have one that does a decent 640 x 480 video @ 20 fps, I'll buy one in an instant.

    We already have live view in it's a matter of time before the video mode gets through.

    I'll get a decent zoom lens that starts at 24mm...(maybe until 200mm) and we are ready to go!!!

    I have the S5IS and the 350D...but the S5IS offers so much more in terms of versatility. And that's the one I have with me all the time....and for holidays too.

    Size-wise, it doesn't really matter to me, cos' my S5 has the lensmate adaptor on all the time. So it's almost as big as the Olympus!

    Noise??? I can live with it for the time being!

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Someone dug out an old thread again.. Some of the poll options are so outdated...

    Too bulky - Nikon D40/D40X/D60, Canon EOS350D/400D, Olympus E410/E510..
    Quality is not good enough - What?!?
    Presence of Focal Length Multiplier - Full frame bodies are already available
    Can't do video - maybe only this is valid
    Relatively low continuous shooting speed - compared to film SLR? The latest high end DSLRs shoots faster than film SLRs except those with half mirror.
    Don't want the hassle of postprocessing - Is film processing any simpler? JPGs out of today's DSLRs are so good!
    Storage media issues - >8Gb cards are available.
    Battery issues - No issue now, is there?
    Others - ?
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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    yeah another old thread on DLSR vs Prosumer.
    really, to each his own.
    some people like multi-use devices, which explains the popularity of MPVs, swiss knives, etc.
    Then again, some things do only 1 thing, and do it very well.
    A hammer, washing machine, clothes iron, light bulb, binoculars, DSLR... you get the idea...

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    nostalgic.. film still rules..

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    because of the mirror slap sound. no doubt higher end mirror-slapping sound shiok, but it gets in the way if you want to shoot discreetly.

    gotta wait for them to launch the mirror slap silencer
    :devil:Flick Her

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Seriously sia, that poll is preety outdated

    but i wonder.... could the live-view function of the lastest DSLRs( e.g.400D) be used for a (low-res) video alternative? how sharp is the live-view anyway?
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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    I think you guys left out a couple factors that deters people from going DSLR;

    >> costs of ownership - upgrade & expansion path is very steep

    >> special care & maintenance

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Too much time spend reviewing/deleting bad images taken on the LCD monitor instead of capturing more.

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    if i was to get a non-dslr camera it'd be for the size. probably get a Canon G9 - not the smallest but the best price/quality/size.
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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    for me $$ iz a prob cos still young nid and bao money for lik 2 yrs den buy den one more image quality i used my dad's D80 and it sucked a littile and lastly not digital zoom lik once i was in a bus with my S3 Is it took a bird from a distance with digital but my dad's DSLR can't took it as its lens are either too short or not digital zoom nid t ocrop but noise will be visible

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    I can't see why one wouldn't want a DSLR when $$$ is out of the picture.

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    Default Re: Why do you NOT want a DSLR?

    Actually, no need to despair over film look. Post Processing Software now have the ability to edit photos to film like quality, with varying success. For example LR 1.4's Direct Positive give this effect.

    Or you can simply edit the shadow range which is the main difference between film and digital sensor.

    But anyway, even with a dSLR i find it too bulky to take out and shoot esp in space constraint area i.e plane meal shots etc which i did with my HP camera with reasonable quality.
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