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Thread: Which to do ? really stucked with this

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    Default Which to do ? really stucked with this

    IF you can pay for a tele...
    which should u go ?

    purpoer : birding , animaling....

    1.) Sigma 50-500
    2.) Nikon 80-400

    Nikon concern : Speed... slow... as not as fast as HSM but with VR
    Sigma concern: Speed..... fast..... but no VR...

    Picture quality of view...
    seems... no much diff...

    anyone can vote and tell me? advice is the best best...
    But if you want to say : Buy both, or go for 300 f/2.8
    then thank you, if i have that kind of budget, i've got it in my cabin now.

    If you have some idea/advice which willing to share,
    a thousand thx for u,
    i'm nto trying to be nasty,
    as u know... the coulture...
    comment on others ppls comment....

    that's not a bad thing if we talkign about the same thing...
    but from what i see in this forum...
    some is out of the topic.

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    I think 400 mm even with VR, handheld may not be easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Potter
    I think 400 mm even with VR, handheld may not be easy.
    if u dun know wat u are saying, dun.
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    I own a Bigma.... Basically, this is a fine lens, if you only take pics on a bright sunny day.... with that said, I have seen my friend use that lens shooting hummingbirds on a cloudy day with no problems. As for how he did it, I dun know cos I do not have such luck.

    As for Nikon, I only tried it in camera shop... seems pretty nice but i heard from friends that when you mount it on tripod stability is questionable.... seems that either there is low user confidence in the tripod mount or it really have a stability problem. Again, my friends are just small number of Nikon users who own that lens.

    I bought the Bigma cos its the cheapest... and I cannot afford the Nikon.... simple as that...

    Truthfully, if i have the $$$ I would go for 200-400mm... but i guess I can dream on....

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    go for the vr only if you shoot hand held.

    The setup is quite heavy and i would at least bring along a monopod, so the VR will become useless.

    So for me BIGMA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Potter
    I think 400 mm even with VR, handheld may not be easy.
    you are still here around man
    Eat breath LIVERPOOL!!!

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    I use the Bigma becoz its a very sharp and contrasty lans. However, it needs good light. You can use a monopod to overcome the heavy weight.

    VR is useful if you wanna handhold it.


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