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Thread: When you think you are at your acme...

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    Default When you think you are at your acme...

    of photography, that is. Being able to answer all questions relating to exposure, aperture, ISO, etc to the point you can write a thesis fit for publishing on 'The Elements of Photography'....

    Would you abandon all that you had learnt to return to the basics of photography and relearn everything again? Or would you think that, "I'm at my acme. I'm a master of photography!"
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    I'm still at my basics. Believe it or not... up to you folks... basics are the foundation... I'm still at it.

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    Eh....juz to cfm sth...what is there to relearn...either u know it... OR u dont....isnt tt so... if i teach u to calculate u actually need to relearn it and pick it up again.... the basics of photography, is something that once u pick up, u dun actually forget it or RElearn it.... i just dun see the point in ya meaning of relearning?? perhaps u can make it clearer to me....

    wat i feel is that, its more important to learn about the things that u are UNCLEAR about, and the about the new things which are out....

    furthermore...writing a book about the elements of photog, i prob wun do that...for one, i am not good enough, neither am i famous enough to ensure that my books sell....the libraries and bookstores are already filled with such books....

    so in a sense...i would say that what espn said does make sense .... "i am still at my basics" ...are we all not at our basics?

    no pun intended...juz my 2 cts worth..



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