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    Quote Originally Posted by Thermalcoil
    when i first bought my DSLR, i never expect i want lens so soon, but i did and got 2 more, i did not think i need dry cabinet, but i got one, i did not thought i want to try to play with filter and stuff, but i did. i did not expect i would bring all these out with me on holiday, but i got a bag to carry them, and now in my mind, i am thinking of getting more stuff waiting in the q,....its an expensive hobby (at least to me), but its lots of fun....

    my goodness, better stay away from SLR or DSLR is u r on budget...
    i totally agree. soon you will be wanting more lens and then bag..dry box..and maybe a flash to add to your setup.

    i guess a 2nd hand 300D with the kitlens would be sufficient for your budget. if can have some spare cash then can get a drybox and a camera bag. that should be enough.

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    Go to the B&S forum and hunt for a prosumer camera. e.g 2nd hand Panasonic FZ20 or a FZ5.These cameras might not be as fast and flexible as a DSLR. But it will give you a good start in photography. U can play with ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc.

    With S$1k, it will get you a camera with good Leica lens, 12x zoom, OIS, and some spare cash left for memory card, battery and other accessories. It will keep u happy for a few yrs, and by then u graduate and come out to work and have enough $$ for a DSLR, u can sell it off and regain some cash. By then your skill in photography will also be better and more prepare for a DSLR.
    {Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying u r not skilful enough now. }

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