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Thread: PS S30 with tripod?

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    Default PS S30 with tripod?

    Hi gurus,

    I have an S30 and a mini tripod (the freebie one, and extremely small). I am very tempted to get a "real" tripod, but i think it would look very weird with a puny cam on long legs. Is it overkill? What tripod would be good? I am 1.8m tall.

    Thanks and cheers.

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    dun care what others think, as long as u get what you want. And later u may update, dun u?

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    Thanks for your reply. Yea guess so, although it will look weird. Any recomendation for any particular tripod?

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    Slik U9000? I heard it's the tallest in the Slik U-series?

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    Both the U8000 and the U9000 are 1.5m maximum extended height. I'm ~1.8m and it's at my neck-level.

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    I have the exact same dilema as you, Jonny. Till now I still haven't bought my tripod...

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    Thanks all for the great recomendations...gonna check it out.

    Hey Darkness what DC do u own? Tot u kinda veteran in this field. So u feel weird too with such a pro tripod and a tiny cam rite?

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    Veteren?! I only got my cam for 2 mths, complete newbie at that!!

    I owned (yeah, past tense, just sold it off today...) a S30 as well.

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    What?! For how much? Why?

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    Originally posted by Jonny
    What?! For how much? Why?
    Looking for an upgrade, but as for price, let's just say it's a secret...


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