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Thread: Filming and Photography is not allowed at (Yishun) Bus Interchange!! *Rant!!!

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    Default Re: Filming and Photography is not allowed at (Yishun) Bus Interchange!! *Rant!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoProZero View Post
    I believe we already said enough and shared enough. To TS, simply put, I agree with Sammy888. Don't take things for granted. Although you are a student, the onus is on you to check before embarking on a project like this. Just FYI, even filming at HDB void decks, neighbourhood, buildings etc, require rightful permission from the FMs.

    So, like you said, let this be a lesson learnt and make sure you always check and write in for permission.

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    It is quite sad to note that many people still get annoyed by the front line officers when they encounter resistance in any form. In this case the security officers. They are the innocence party.

    Just put yourself in his shoes. You have been instructed by your boss, no photo taking. That is part of your duty. Fail to act, it may cause you your job! These people are paid small peanuts, you expecting them to tell you about law and all those stuff?

    If people are unhappy, they should take it up with the respective organization. Please be VERY specific about your complaint. It is NOT the officer being rude BUT you are challenging the Organizations WHY you cannot take photo there. Isn't that better for everybody?

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    Maybe it's my tripod that alarm them. But nevertheless I already learn my lesson. Next time if I need to set up tripod or stay at a location for prolong period of time I will give contact the relevant first. Thanks guys for helping me figure this out. I'm closing this thread now.
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