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Thread: Chinese Garden Lantern Safari 2005

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    Default Chinese Garden Lantern Safari 2005

    Got this email from my sis.

    This year is Chinese Garden 30th year of celebrating Lantern Festival and they are proudly to present Lantern Safari 2005......Filled with over 1,100 lanterns, from African Savannahs, to the Great Migration, the World of Big Cats and even a world of carnivorous plants and insects and much more!

    Can check out sistec website for more info. Event Date should be 2-25 sept.

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    Cool Great!!!

    the fees r as follow.

    01 sept Offical Opening Night - $20/-
    02 sept - 25 sept Non-peak (Mon - Thurs) - $9/-
    Peak (Fri - Sun) - $13/-


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