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    Default Clouds today

    Hi all,

    Photo taken of the clouds today just before sunset. All comments good or bad are welcomed and appreciated.

    Photo taken at Woodlands at 6.50pm using Lumix FZ20 ISO80/Aperture f5.6/ Shutter: 1/500

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    you've captured an interesting cloud pattern here against a beautiful blue sky. i would have liked to see a cleaner image of the clouds without the distracting patch of dark clouds at bottom left.
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    Very nice capture indeed, wished you did not over saturate that much to give it a natural feel for this shot.
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    Beautifully taken. It gives me a feeling of being curve up and the with a good depth! Dark patches at the left corner are inevitable but less will give the pic a cleaner images! I guess it is a question of timing and and/or unless you can blow the clouds away!


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