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Thread: Do you need to drive that rush?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    Based on what do you make this assumption? What 'out of control' situation should that be? Do you recall your driving lessons and the topic of blind spots?
    Stop putting excuses together or making funky assumptions. Start acting responsibly and give a good example.
    Both side need to act responsibly. Its not a one sided affair where you risked your life running across the busy road and expect every car to stop in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBTM View Post
    While I was learning driving, I ever encounter that while making a right turn, a boy just dash out of no where and I can't see him due to the left car frame blocked my view. But my instructor able to see him and jam brakes else I might hit him even I am slow.
    So the lesson is to be careful with the blind spot and not to have more and more laws in place. Children and elder people don't know much about the law - but they will be thankful to you if you consider the possibility of their wrong-doing and act carefully. Anticipate the mistakes of others and be prepared to avoid accidents.
    Quote Originally Posted by BBTM View Post
    For out of control, it's just like while you turning right at T junction, the vehicle on your right, forced you to move more to your left. If a cyclist happens to go ahead even it's red on his side, the car which you driving might (mostly will) hit him. So, who is at fault if that happens to you? Will you still be responsible of what you did even the cyclist at wrong?
    Again, wrong question. Stop asking about who's fault it will be. Free your mind from this pointless question. (If required, a court will settle this.)
    Rather: be alert, anticipate the traffic based on observations. This is what helps avoiding accidents.
    Myself being a motorcycle rider, I have to anticipate the traffic and the sometimes careless / inconsiderate / ruthless behavior of other motorists even more.

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    Install car camera and start a video collection.

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