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Thread: Metz flash good?

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    Default Metz flash good?

    Wanting to get a external flash for my 20d.
    Was looking at the 580 or 550 until someone recommended me the Metz flash, 45CL4
    Would be using it to cover events photography like weddings.

    Are Metz flashes a better choice than canon's?

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    Canít just give you a simple answer like good or bad, have to think about you expectation and you shooting style.

    Yes, Metz is powerful, color is nice, but it is bulky, will you need to get a Quantum battery pack 2 or Quantum Turbo also? Do you need a back up also? For the price of a Metz and Quantum battery pack 2, you can buy 2 sets of 550.

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    i like metz for its consistent 'warmth' colour.

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    Metz is a the better choice only if you can't afford the camera makers' flash unit. Most camera makers' flash units are more powerful, accurate and features pack but expensive. Metz are not really very cheap, but there some saving. They are the only good choice back at late 80's and early 90's. But camera maker have caught up and the current offering are as good as they get

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    some like to use the hammer flash auto mode as it's more predictable than canon't ETTL.
    Like what catchlight says, how to adopt it into your shooting style.

    Some like HAMMER Flash, some like small flash (I like my 420ex).


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