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Thread: Camera & Lens Servicing, when to do it?

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    Default Camera & Lens Servicing, when to do it?

    I noticed that some photographers like to send in their cameras & lens for cleaning or servicing.
    How do I know when I need to do that? And what is usually done when the cameras/lens are sent in?

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    Contact your brand's service centre and ask them.
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    Default Re: Camera & Lens Servicing, when to do it?

    There is no fixed schedule and servicing plan for cameras and lenses. We can only guess about the driving factors of these 'some photographers'. Two possible reasons could be:
    - Recent exposure to very harsh conditions (dusty, wet, cold) require a cleaning and thorough check
    - Prophylactic check before important assignments / trips to avoid equipment failures
    For hobbyists, the simple rule is: get if fixed if it's broken. Or of the manufacturer has issued a service recall..

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    'Some like to send' sounds like a hobby. Generally a rule of thumb to send in for me is after a trip , especially after the camera has been exposed to harsh weather (eg: seawater splash onto my camera while I was seated on a small boat trying to shoot seagulls once)

    If not if it's not broken , don really need to send it in.

    Another guide some of my friends do for peace of mind is annual send in just for a clean up (sensor etc) and a checkup at the same time & these are people who use their cameras nearly on a daily basis.


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