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Thread: FLYCAM Flowline Steady Camera Support review

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    With the recent hit of Movi like stabilisers, we quickly realise the need for a form of supporting system.
    A typical Movi like stabiliser weighs over 2kg before the camera and after adding the camera it adds up to more than 3.5kg. Most video cameras would have a shoulder support in order for operator to last for a day's shoot.
    However, most stabiliser design for hand held without other support. This is where the FLYCAM Flowline Steady Camera Support comes in.
    The Flycam Flowline is a vest supporting system that uses a overhanging support arm to help you relief load to your hands. Instead of carrying the camera, you can use your hands as a guide to the stabiliser and even free up one hand if needed.
    We have tried this rig in our office (Camwerkz Pte Ltd) and found it to be very useful, a must in fact for all stabilisers or heavy camera.

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