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Thread: Recommendations for a new compact camera?

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    Default Recommendations for a new compact camera?

    Hey guys,

    I'm not really pro with cam stuff so I might need some help here... my old camera (Canon powershot A650) died and I'm looking for a new replacement with comparable specs.

    I did some google search but can't seem to find a suitable one, most of compact cam sensors are 1/2.3"
    I'm searching for a camera with minimum 1/1.7" sensor size, optical zoom of at least 6x, and it would be good if it has articulating screen.
    Budget under $800. I don't mind if it's a little heavy.

    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a new compact camera?

    Hi, welcome to CS

    Personally, IMO, the optical zoom for the A650 is hard to match as compared to modern point and shoot camera (for the same overall size). The closest you can find for it's indirect replacement in Canon's series is PowerShot G16 (this one is near the size of the A650) and PowerShot S120 (almost the same spec as G16 but smaller). Thou both only have apx 5x zoom (24-140mm, 24-120mm) as compared to the beast (35-210mm).

    *There's also a trade in promo now that gives you a little more discount for Canon selected models. You may want to check out the recommended shops to see if it's applicable to them.*

    If you really need the reach of >6x, you can consider those superzoom camera like Canon SX series (up to ~710mm). But this series only have 1/2.3" sensor. But that said, I don't think you will see much of a difference between a 1/1.7" vs 1/2.3". The difference is negligible (*heck... even apsc and ff difference is negligible according to this guy:


    And noting that A650 is an almost 5 year old technology, I believe that newer sensor will be slightly better than back then even for the same size sensor.

    *I'm still glad that my A650IS is still operating... Thou abit of battery cover fault*
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a new compact camera?

    Hi SkyStrike! Thanks for your recommendations! I'll go check out the PowerShot G16 and S120 in stores tml

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    A sony rx100 would meet most of ur criteria, and surpass in some. Do check it out.

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    There's a Coolpix P7800 that meets all your criteria.

    But something tells me a number of updates soon to high end P&S should boost your choices, or at least push down the prices of current selections.
    Depending on how urgently you need it, its your call whether to buy now or wait.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a new compact camera?

    Hey silvermoon1407 and swifty,

    Thanks for your recommendations! Will check those out during the weekends

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a new compact camera?

    Olympus Stylus 1
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a new compact camera?

    Actually... the price for some of the micro-4/3 cameras are coming down pretty much, like the Olympus EPM2. Although the basic set came with only a 14-42mm, there are much more possibility and flexibility with that camera as compared to many P/S camera... plus it had a much larger sensor so technically it would provide much better low light performance as compared to the p/s camera.

    Plus I have the EPM1 for a while, it is simple and straight to the point, so you can actually use it as a simple P/S.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for a new compact camera?

    canon s120...

    touch screen focus and shoot..


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