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Thread: How to set to the fastest shutter with Ixus 330?

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    Default How to set to the fastest shutter with Ixus 330?

    I know this cam cannot set the shutter speed for below 1s, but do anyone know if there's a specific settings that will make the cam take pics at a high shutter speed?

    I want it because I want to take sports action photo. Thanx

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    the camera doesn't set fast shutter simply because the lighting conditions doesn't allow it. if you take pics under bright sunlight, it'll auto select a fast shutter speed.
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    Set the ISO to 400. Grainy though.

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    too grainy..... but if take pics at that high ISO, can use any program to make it less noise?

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    Quantum Mechanics Pro or Neat Image Pro.

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    how to go by removing the noise then? can give step by step procedure?


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