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Thread: what do you think of Daihatsu Sirion? is it worth buying?

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    Default what do you think of Daihatsu Sirion? is it worth buying?

    see the details on Daihatsu Sirion. Would you consider buying?

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    nobody interested to help comment meh?

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    probably coz ppl here r more interested in cameras.

    in any case, the Sirlion isn't a bad buy. the only cars that poses competition at its price range are the Toyota Vios and Suzuki Liana.

    It's made in Japan, unlike most low-end cars these days. It's ok space-wise but a little lacking in engine power. If you're looking for a good hatch and have the extra moolah, the Swift is a better choice. If you're looking for a really CHEAP hatch, then settle for a Picanto or Getz instead.

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    It sounds a bit pricey to me, personally i will go for a hyundai matrix for almost the same amount of money
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    the shape is not nice


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