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Thread: Photomarathon Preparation 31 Aug 2014 3pm Art Science Museum

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    Default Photomarathon Preparation 31 Aug 2014 3pm Art Science Museum

    This session talks about how to prepare for the Canon Photomarathon that comes up yearly.

    It is part of my ongoing plan of outings to train prospective people to win contests.
    3pm is usually the third contest theme of the day for the Canon Photomarathon Contest.

    Location to meet is ground level of Marina Bay Sands Art Science Museum
    Date is Sunday 31 August 2014
    Time is 3pm to 5pm
    Contact : Francis Wong 90070503 Don't call 3pm to 5pm on that actual day as I am busy.
    Camera: Up to you as I am only talking.

    Everyone is ok to join, this is a free outing.
    Don't need to ask for permission, or sms me or pm me.
    I am not the organiser of Canon photomarathon.
    I don't answer replies to this outing thread.

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    Next one will be on the 28 September.
    This one will talk about the whole process of theme to idea to creating the whole picture plus tips on lighting and composition.


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