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Thread: Risking life and limp for a shot

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    Well, the pictures are great. But there's one difference between them and the report about the Polish couple:
    In the 30 pictures the photographers seem to be on safe grounds and subjects are doing the risky activity. The Polish couple did both together, which maybe have contributed to their accident (not an unreasonable assumption, I believe). One should focus on one thing: either being subject or being photographer.

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    Just have to balance risk and reward lor. Some things are just too dangerous.
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    Always assess the risk and anticipate them. Risk avoidance is fairly diffult for photographers too most of the time, so the best solution is anticipate them, be prepare and get ready for recovery measures.

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    I ever sleep alone at Lantau island by the hill slope. Luckily no snake around else I sure die there as no one passby the whole night! At grand canyon, I use tripod as a support n always keep myself away from the edges as it's not fence up! So, got to think of safety first b4 going for the photos which you wanted.
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    I remembered rockclimbing a multi-pitch with a film SLR round my neck for a friend who passed me his camera. Later the complained to me when he found some scratches on the base of his Nikon camera.


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