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    It's the TL;DR syndrome. I hazard to guess that as DSLRs are becoming more affordable into the realm of becoming a consumer product, folks would treat it like any other modern consumer product. Expected to work out of the box and somewhat simple to operate, like an iPhone. Coupled with attention spans getting shorter, reading the manual is perceived as optional. Why bother with Walls of Texts from the manual or guide when asking is deemed faster & easier, regardless how thick or simplified the printed info is? As evidenced by the number of users using Auto mode, or even P mode if they are feeling adventurous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by catchlights View Post
    if one can surf and post in ClubSNAP with mobile devices, why can't download an user manual into the mobile device?
    No reason not to be. However nowadays dead-tree manual is not the most effective way to get instruction across.

    If it has to be digital, it's better it is like the MSDN reference where topics are found on the left panel and the right panel is what you choose to read. It's more effective this way. There should also be search functionality to allow the reader to cherry-pick on the necessary information. Sometimes where reference may be incomplete, there could be a community commenting feature to allow end-users contribute to the reference by commenting in a thread like manner. That is done my MySQL reference manual.

    However not sure if I have come across any such photography equipment company with such foresight.

    If it's a plain PDF to be downloaded into the mobile device, I am not sure if it is of much effectiveness versus a dead-tree format. Well at least the search is there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Kwok View Post
    I don't read the manual either seriously. However i must point out a lot of information are available in the Internet at one's fingertips nowadays. If you don't read the dead-tree format, at least have the diligence to search online. That's what I will think.
    Same here when I started I read though the manual half way and didn't understand 10 percent of wat it was saying. But when I brought tutials online for my 70D that really helped me understand my camera and how the functions can be applied in my stuff like recomposing and how to use metering for the right background expose. All I'm saying is manuals can be boring and dry. Watching videos can teach you how to apply and keep it fun. But effort must be putted in. TS should try searching online videos to find some of the answers he needs. And I dun think asking a question like this on this pg is too much. After all this the pg to go to for newies like me. No question is too simple to be asked.

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    help the newbie or stay out of the thread .......thank you gentlemen ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by brapodam View Post
    Here is the instruction manual for Canon 600D:
    Io help TS, in above link, in the manual
    Page 21 shows what you get through the Viewfinder
    Page 126 shows what you get using Live-View

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