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Thread: Images are "soften" on Pbase

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    Default Images are "soften" on Pbase

    I dunno if any of u guys experience the same prob as i do with ur pbase account.

    For mine, the posted images seem to be "soften" after being uploaded and when being view upon (@ 30x 20cm, 72ppi)

    Any advise on this issue? Tks

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    Default Well...

    Really don't know what you mean by
    when being view upon (@ 30x 20cm, 72ppi).
    I can advise not to upload originals or large images to PBase. It eats up bandwidth, your account, and makes it easy for anyone to steal your work.

    Upload images sized to about 600x400px. They will come-up as 'original' size on most monitors. And, will look just the way they do in your editor.


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    But i mean here is that after editing the image (tt is abt to be posted on pbase), i usually open it using IE. The image is sharp and crisp.

    But after posting on Pbase, when viewed upon, the image kinda lose it sharpness.

    As for the specs, it juz the dimension i use to process the image before posting.

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    this is interesting,care to share which photo and the original resized.

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    u mean the photo tt is soften in my pbase acc?

    well...its like 95% of all the photos posted...

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    Default Editor

    Do not use IE to view your images.... not for serious work anyway. Download IrfanView and use it as your default viewer. (It's free, must get!)

    PBase works perfectly...... I have over 1,000 images there. Make sure you are viewing your images on PBase with the original size setting.

    OK....... I looked at your PBase gallery and that is indeed the problem. You are uploading photos that are about 600x900px in size. Even on my 1280x1024px 19" monitor, they are coming up at 'large' rather than 'original' on PBase........ 'large' is a 'resized' format and will appear softer.

    I commented above that it's best to size images at about 600x400px for PBase.......... so far, you ignored that comment.


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    Hey man. Tks for the advice. Will do it.


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