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    hey..not sure if you guys know about this....but just thought i'll share it with you guys anyway...found this really great programme for noise removing (at least i think it is)....

    can get it at

    doesn't blur the image either or lose details in anyway...

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    How does it compare to other noise reduction software?

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    tin the best way is to try it yourself using the same noisy pict and different s/w (neatimage, noise ninja, etc) and see the differences in the processed pics....

    most s/w offer some time-limited or function-limited trials....

    Quote Originally Posted by sinlg
    How does it compare to other noise reduction software?

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    Tried the program, does quite a decent job, but still blurs the image, and loses abit of details.. the thing is.. you can only save at 90% quality, and the resulting filze size is super small. My 2.8mb file becomes a 780k file, wonder how much was thrown out.


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