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Thread: PRC Women allowing her son to **** publicly outside CHINATOWN MRT

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino123 View Post

    Like anyone who do they business outside and in public care if you put their video out on youtube. If they really care that much about their face, they will not do it in the first place.
    It's not whether they care or not but if they really need n do it, they will be "famous". Just like you drive n then, thought safe to speed but camera caught your action when there is a speed limit sign.
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!

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    Default Re: PRC Women allowing her son to **** publicly outside CHINATOWN MRT

    Quote Originally Posted by Octarine View Post
    (Provided the report is accurate) - Sometimes the sh*t turns out different:
    Some form of collective embarrassment would be in order...
    like some of the commentators said, the writer looks stupid trying to pass this article off as satire, when he fails to realize that there were many cameras around.

    i've never liked Belmont Lay. his writing style is bland and is just catering to the haters.

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