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Thread: A77 camera profilein Lightroom

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    Not sure if anyone have this issue. I am using A77 and when I import the raw files into Lightroom, I cannot find the camera profile for A77. There is only the Adobe Standard.

    Weird thing is, when I import raw files from Nex6, I can find options for camera standard?

    Note, I am a new user to Lightroom and just learning to process raw pics. Previously was taking pics in jpg. So, any help is appreciated.

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    Lightroom only have profile for lenses. Camera and lens profile you have to create yourself, buy the color passport to create it and save it lightroom.
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    Adobe only has certain camera colour profiles for some camera. If you only get Adobe Standard means there is no camera profile in it. For Sony, you can check out this Website person create the colour profile for A77.

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    I actually found some profiles on the web. However I do not know where to save or activate it. The profiles are saved in the profile folder, but lightroom is not referring to it


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