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Pretty worrying and scary !!

A Xiaomi Redmi Note from Hong Kong made a bold claim (with proof) that his device is connecting to a Chinese IP address and frequently sending personal data such as photos and text messages over to the Chinese server, without any user consent whatsoever. This is a serious allegation, and it looks like it is 100% legit.

The data transfer takes place when the Xiaomi Redmi Note is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The user tried rooting his phone and flashing a different firmware, but the data transfer still took place regardless. A little digging up revealed that the IP address belongs to CNNIC.

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what's the big deal about Xiaomi sending data to cheena gov't?

Google can scoop your data as well........ and even got someone arrested

Those of you who have forbidden pics and texts in your Gmail or other Google apps, BEWARE.......