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Thread: Sweat and Camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdhalla View Post
    Thanks for the input. very informative. Funny that even i never used a dry cabinet in my life and in my career and my camera and equipment have been safe. and since i moved to Singapore 4 years ago . STill never had any issues. Just the more i read about the dry cabinets and how people say its Must. I ended up getting my self. But i have never been able to get hang of it or figure out weather to keep it to L H or M. i am trying to keep the humdity meter between 35- 50. it keeps shuffling. This is a whoel different topic.
    Photographers in Europe also do not need any dry cabinet. Winter air can be as low as 20% humidity, dry summers reach similar levels.
    The fluctuations that you observe could come from using aircon in your place. The dry cabinet is not airtight, so the drier air gets inside and lowers the RH levels there as well. Nothing to worry about short term fluctuations. Fungus needs more time to develop. Keep the readings below 50% ans you are fine.

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    Keeping the humidty from being high like 60% is correct BUT when it gets to around 20% or LOWER, it is NOT good too as it brings with it other type of problems from drying the lubricate in your camera moving parts to a difference form of mould. The answer is to keep it in the 35 to 50.

    There are many sites with information similar to this link that gives you more accurate information and effects. Humidity control is good or bad for varying items over varying range of % and over time.

    A Reference Guide to the Humidity Prevention of Objects

    40~50%Relative Humidity
    Video cameras, cameras, lenses, film, binoculars, cassette tapes, video cassettes, floppy discs, slides, microfiches, photographs, various items for optical use, optical discs, stereo equipment, computer equipment, microscopes, antique paintings, oil paintings, books, antiques, artistic objects, money bills, stamps, CDs, DVDs, engineering charts and graphs, advertisement design charts and graphs, leather goods, musical instruments, paper, specimens, et al.

    30~40%Relative Humidity
    Delicate metal materials, sophisticated electronic instruments, electric appliances, delicate molds, potteries and china, delicate tungsten filament bearings, salt tablets, optical lenses, clothing, inspection instruments, rechargers, various sophisticated equipment, metallurgy, musical instruments, golden objects and silverware (collection items), batteries, optical coating, component transistors, light source, semiconductors, measurements gauges, printed PCBs, detectors, EL, et al 。

    30% lessRelative Humidity
    Chinese herbal medicines, refreshments, seeds, spices, pollen, trial medications for research use, medicines, filter pads, potpourri, dried foods, powder spices, raw chemical materials, special chemical items, electronic parts, seaweed seasoning, et al.

    15% lessRelative Humidity
    Specialized chemical products, sophisticated electronic parts, BGA, LCD and related industrial production process, embossment.
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    use a antiperspirant on your hands, like those roll-on anti-sweat for armpit type.

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