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Thread: Beijing Imperial Palace Museum

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    Default Beijing Imperial Palace Museum

    If you are in Beijing, probably you will visit the Palace Museum.
    Attached is a link of 100x episodes of 6min each on the "little" things that may interest you and be on the look-out during the visit, making the trip fruitful:

    And if are interested in the long history of the Palace, these are the links in 3 parts:
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    Default Re: Beijing Imperial Palace Museum

    Thanks. Enjoyed it.

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    Default Re: Beijing Imperial Palace Museum

    Oh yes, the palace Museum is beautiful, and takes a while to explore... it's huge!

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    Just a note that many rooms has been sealed. In the 80s they were still not sealed up. If you want to do some model shoots in the imperial palace, you can check out the replica of the imperial palace in Hengdian, Zhejiang province.

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    Thanks for sharing, put in on my to see list
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    i was there 3 months ago, on most days the smog is about 150~200 plus, the skies were hazy, and it is not burning smoke but pollutants from factories, do make sure u dun get drench in the rain, the rainwater washes down the industrial pollutants in the air and it can be toxic.

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    there was a public holiday lasting a week, think is APEC, and factories and many office buildings were closed. No smog, clear blue skies entire day
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