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Thread: Prof Goh-New nkf interim ceo's pay

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    Quote Originally Posted by eng_keow
    Maybe if we are really interested in this 'transparency' thing, we should all announce our income to everyone. Will you even tell your own colleague or good friend how much you earn?
    well, for that matter, my operators helps me to check my monthly pay slip to ensure everything is in oder.
    photography makes one sees things from all angles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eng_keow
    I think there a saying that "Let the first person with no sin throw the first stone".

    Maybe if we are really interested in this 'transparency' thing, we should all announce our income to everyone. Will you even tell your own colleague or good friend how much you earn? Well, we might say that he is in a different office now, which requires a different scrutiny. But think of this guy who is happily looking after patients and earning his keep, suddenly having to jump into a thankless role of taking over one of the hottest potatoes in town and even need to have his privacy invaded. Maybe we should even know how many properties he has or how much investments and in which companies, just in case there may be conflict of interest. If we trust our government to be an honest and open one. (Hope I don't get flammed here ), then we should let them get on to the bigger issues and deal with it squarely.

    juz me 2cents worth of thots.
    I don't think this kind of logic should be encouraged too much
    This hot potato seat is important as to regain the trust of most people. As a trust has been broken, it is essential to be extra transparent with regards to issues such as pay so that people can start rebuilding their trust.
    as much as you can trust the government, there should be more checks and balances. Trust is easily broken. just ask all the people who assumed that the NKF wasn't making so much money. Trust is great when you're dealing with your friends, but it's always abit better to err on the side of mistrust to keep the people in power on their toes.

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    Default .....hmm..

    Quote Originally Posted by reachme2003
    khaw's comments. i quote, 'the man is taking on this national service. let's respect his privacy about his pay'. what is he saying? he is doing for free or peanuts.

    i quote further from Prof Goh, .... 'he will continue to draw his pay from national skin clinic, which will be reimbursed by the nkf'. so, nkf is paying his salary.

    this secondment thingy, etc, i feel, is no justification for not revealing his pay.

    maybe Prof Goh can consider volunteer to tell
    just to break from the previous model of hiding it
    I think Prof Goh is OK.
    Much better than the previous person in that seat.
    if tell $, maybe people say too much, not happy.
    but maybe also too low, his high earning fellow doctors sneer and say hah! he earn so little only!
    so you cannot win.

    public anger is not over 600K pay.
    this is what the big guns misunderstand about the Singapore public.
    we are not jealous.

    public anger is that this money's original source is poor people's donations.
    so even if it was legal, is it not shameful to spend it lavishly on luxuries for oneself?
    that is partly what the public is angry over.

    if n** was a privately owned company earning profits from business trading, the public will not protest that ## was paid so much.

    where is the self restraint to say, I am in a charity.
    I should not be spending people's donation like this.

    If ## was unhappy that he was not making as much as say, top banker or doctor, then he can leave n** and try to make his mark in any chosen field in the private sector. See if he can make it.

    The grevious error by the big guns was to think that that if he had not spent years in n**, he would surely be making much more than 600,000 per year now. This is false. It is an assumption.
    Many unsuccessful professionals or retrenched highly qualified can attest to that.
    Some make it, some do not.

    The public anger is also over the matter of suing two persons who spoke the truth; and because they were mere ordinary persons like us, do not have the means that SPH has to dig out the facts. Why so mean spiritied? Not charitable and kind at all.

    About this First Class fetish.
    Well if there was a "Platinum Class" invented by the airlines that was more prestigious than First Class, he would want that too.

    So it is not a matter of Business Class/First Class.
    It is about hyper inflated EGO.

    this is the problem when one mixes with the "elite" of society.
    after a while one's values change. and hanker after the lifestyles of the rich and famous.
    one may have started out as a good person 30 years ago. but now.......

    And luckily the Govt did not see fit to induct him into the p** as a MP candidate.
    Imagine if this person was given a Cabinet post. What harm he can do to Singapore.
    To this, I salute the p** screening thoroughness when they scour for suitable candidates.
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    I think Prof Goh's pay in NSC might be a little lower than what Durai received in NKF previously. Probably around the 20k/mth range? But note that this is really low compared to what he could receive outside if he opened his own dermatology clinic outside.

    Of course, this does not justify why it should not be revealed to the public. But do understand that the medical society in Singapore is a very protective society. Not revealing the salary might be a way of protecting other even higher earning doctors in private hospitals etc. (or even lower salary foreign doctors here).

    Public demands to know his salary. Senior doctors don't want it revealed. How?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clark75
    Public demands to know his salary. Senior doctors don't want it revealed. How?
    let see when the ST forum page will have any 'public' demand to know the salary...

    I'm not interested to know. Since he's the interim one. I'm more interested to know what the new board is doing given probably one year to get another CEO + set the direction.

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