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Thread: How to Clean the lens?

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    Default How to Clean the lens?

    Hi guys, i bought myself a cleaning kit but do not really know the actual method of cleaning the lens. Afraid that i may spoil my precious lens, therefore asking for guidance from you guys. Will be very grateful for the help. Thank you.

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    Is your cleaning kit the one with the lens tissue?

    The guy at TCW told me that lens tissue are not very good for lens, and was advised to use a micro fibre cloth instead. From my own personal experience, I found that the lens tissue left behind some fibre after cleaning (dunno issit because the tissue poor quality or what )...

    I usually use the blower to blow away any debris, make sure there's nothing that can scratch the surface before I start to lightly wipe the lens.

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    Yah i realise the tissue is like those "Facial Oil Absorber Filter". Then what about the cleaning solution?


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