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Thread: Sanyo 'C' & 'D' batt shell

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    Default Sanyo 'C' & 'D' batt shell

    Hi all,

    Sanyo had released it's 2500mah AA batt for a long time. But recently saw something special from a DIY shop.

    C size rechargeable batt power by 1pc AA 2500mah Sanyo batt. That means Sanyo come with with C size 'housing'. Inside is empty. Then you insert 1pc 2500mah AA batt and instantly turn the AA batt into a C batt. Saw the shop selling 2pcs for $13.90. U get 2 'C' size housing and 2pcs 2500mah AA batt. There's also the 'D' batt version too.

    What I'll like to ask is that is the AA batt power is 'C' housing as lasting as 'C' size rechargable batt? I've got 6pcs 'C' size Sanyo batt purchase long time ago. It's 2350mah. Can I say the new 'C' batt shell plus 1pc 2500mah AA batt is more lasting then my 'C' size 2350mah batt? Is 'mah' the batt capacity and lasting power?

    I am not sure what's mah of the 'D' size rechargeable batt. But it's sound funny to me if 1pc AA 2500mah batt can beat 'C' size or 'D' size batt in terms of power?

    Any comments or any users had used the Sanyo "C" & 'D' shell power by AA batt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stingrray
    What I'll like to ask is that is the AA batt power is 'C' housing as lasting as 'C' size rechargable batt?
    'C' cells using the same technology as 'AA' cells should have a higher capacity - but by far the most popular size is AA, making more rapid evolution economical. So, inprinciple, yes, the smaller cells might last longer.

    However, there are other specifications that may be important too - for example inner resistance and allowable discharge rates. (Frequently, high-capacity cells do not perform so well in high-power applications.)

    Is 'mah' the batt capacity and lasting power?
    It's mAh (capital A), or milliampere-hours. 1 mAh = 3.6 C (Coulomb). Note that the capacity rating pertains to a specific discharge current and may be different in your application. Major manufacturers have their data sheets online.

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    EastGear is selling such cases IIRC
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    Hi Guys

    Have any of u guys experience charging lost effect fm a GP rechargeable batt before. Basically after charging ur GP batt and within 24hrs when u wanna use it, it just go kaput like have not been charged before. Can't remember wat the term for this phenomenon.

    Anyway where's the best place to get hold of a Sanyo rechargeable batt with those plastic holders for the batt??


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