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Thread: Single and Lonely?...READ THIS TO FIND OUT WHY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belle&Sebastain
    spot on
    only losers whine at relationships, real man thinks hard and relook what went wrong, and make the next relationship work better. Also some whiners actually never had been a relationship before, fearing rejection is the main clause. lots of low self esteem man in singapore.

    1. Seek target -> Focus Lock -> Shoot Shoot Shoot.
    This time wrong, recompose & go to 1.
    In many of your failed shots, sure got some 'lucky' ones mah.

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    Women are from Venus,
    Men are from Mars.

    Well, each sex will always blame the other for their problems, but will rarely stop and look at themselves.

    Instead of complaining about each other, why not both sides stop and think what's wrong with themselves?

    Can't be bothered; I'm going for lunch.

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    Haizzz, argued so much, at the end....still got to marry 1

    Now I learnt to keep my mouth shut.....spend more time making money.
    At least not happy, can still afford to pay alimony and yet have enouhg money to find
    younger fresher honey.

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