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Thread: Advice On-location shoot for Poster Series

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    My photo team and I are from a junior college and we are working on a school project to come up with a series of posters for the sports and performing arts CCAs. Our seniors did it last year but in the studio where it was easier to control. This year we would like to shoot on location for each CCA.
    The concern is that it will be difficult to have the same "look" and "feel" to the posters and also the consideration that there would need to be the name of the CCA on the poster. Is there anyone with the experience of shooting such posters who would like to give their advice?
    All comments are welcome

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    don't think so much.

    Do it in studio, like you said much easier to control then composite the background.

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    You will need to leave enough room for copyspace. Not sure you understand this.
    Anyway, do at location will have different looks, unless all are done in the same location or your team are super good in set up to create consistant result.
    So shooting in studio is a the best bid.

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    Looks like you will need both photography and graphic design knowledge. More so the former.

    As the rest have said, your challenge will be consistency. To which your best choice will be studio photography.

    Copy space = space for your copy (text) to reside comfortably. By that i mean copy that isn't too close to the edges or even clashing with elements in your photograph.

    Minimise the variables. Nothing wrong with wanting to challenge yourself. My take, perhaps do a series in studio first. Then experiment with outdoors shoot. If time permits. No harm trying to push yourself.

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    Thank you all for your advice. We feel that we want to take up the challenge as we also want our members to push themselves. We were thinking we would shoot performing arts at a performing arts Theatre to minimise the variances in location. As for the sports CCAs we'll have to still do various locations. Any other advice? And point taken about copy space Btw

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    Default Re: Advice On-location shoot for Poster Series

    Part of the learning experience is to do it and learn, instead of asking too much for advice. First form your concept, then devise an execution plan to attain that concept. Worrying about the details of a shoot before knowing what you want to shoot is putting the cart before the horse.
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    Just do a trial first to understand the challenges you will be facing.
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    Most of the work you would need to do even before you press that shutter button. Sit down with your team first to know their strengths and limitations. Who's good at directing, managing people; at lighting, technicals; at editing, photoshop etc. and then devise a plan (like what daredevil mentioned)

    If you decide to do a location shoot, do a scout of the places first. What possible angles to use, how much space you have to work with, do you need to have additional lighting etc.

    Basically do your homework first.


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